Hard Week Pays off by the Weekend

National Act Ralphie May Takes Advantage of the Basketball Court For his Comedy Routine

After a pretty intense week of classes, including an exam and a few papers, the weekend brought some relief. Wabash had its first “National Act” of the spring semester, comedian Ralphie May. We had a very non-traditional setup for the act with the basketball stadium, but Ralphie May took full advantage of it for his comedy routine. While vulgar, he was definitely entertaining.

In addition to the comic, I have been taking a little break from the studies to watch a little of the NCAA Final Four Basketball tournament. My bracket is less than stellar because all of the upsets in the first few rounds, with unlikely wins by Wichita State and Florida Gulf Coast University.

Snowing in Spring!

Also, when will the madness end? Wabash is inches deep in snow and it has officially been spring for about a week now! Personally, I love the snow, but it might be because I am stuck on campus with nowhere to go!

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