Pendleton Easter

It is finally the end of a long week of studying, filming, and essays. My film class has finally finished our documentary, and while I am proud of it, I might wait to post it up on my blog! In our final project, we will be scripting and shooting off campus, with the theme of our story as memory. I am so pumped about the last project!

This Easter weekend I am at Jacob “Chili” Childress’ place in Pendleton. It has been pretty fun meeting new people and some folks outside the Wabash area. I should be back on campus on Sunday.

Old School Building Near Pendleton, IN

Next weekend Mac Miller, a young and quickly famous rap star, will make his way onto campus. I have not heard much of his music, but I am excited about his coming out to Wabash. It should be a good time!

In other news, I have recently started watching a hit-television show called Breaking Bad. The premise seemed a little shaky at first, but after watching the first season, I can tell you that I am hooked. It is about a man’s struggle of morality after he has been diagnosed with lung cancer. In my personal opinions, it is one of the most powerful television shows on the air right now.

Good luck to everyone this coming week. I know it’s been busy. Wabash is always like that. But Wabash also always fights! Keep it up everyone.


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