The Swing of Things – Immersion Classes Start

Now that I am back in Crawfordsville, I am pleasantly surprised with the weather lately. Campus is looking gorgeous!

The View of the Detchon Center is Quite Beautiful

After reading about other people’s trips abroad, I am ready to get my immersion classes ready. I just finished reading both the Panama Hat Trail and Mountains Beyond Mountains. They were both great! Today, my Global Health class started today. I am just going to say now that I am really excited about going to Peru over the summer. It will be an awesome, and from what others have said, a humbling experience.

Now that swim season is over, I am starting to do Insanity workouts. They are basically workout videos, which are, as the name states, absolutely insane. The workouts are only 40 minutes to an hour long, but I have never sweat that much ever doing a workout. They are definitely the bang for your buck.

On Friday is Honor Scholars Weekend. It is basically the weekend where prospective students go and take tests for a chance scholarships. But it also a lot of fun. What really got me interested in Wabash was my weekend during Honors Scholars. It gave me a great idea of what Wabash life and students were like, and I was immediately hooked on going here.

I want to wish luck to all my fellow Wallies starting to the second half of the semester. I also want to wish prospective students the best of luck this weekend. I will be sure to blog about the weekend’s festivities!


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