First Swim Meet of the Year and Mike Posner Bring an Exciting Weekend

Jake "Chili" Childress, Me, and Matt Schramm Getting Ready to Swim!

On Friday, the swim team ventured to beautiful Kenyon College in Ohio for our first meet of the year. During the trek, we ended up watching a plethora of movies, including Bridesmaids, Inception, and the Community television series, while homework was somewhat started along the way. I was pretty pumped for the team to finally get in and compete against everyone in our conference. The team fared very well for our first outing, and given the tough training we have had, we are pretty close to where we need to be to get to the next level. To see results, click here.

Dave Phillips and Carter Adams Getting Ready for the 1500 Relay

After the meet, we made the long trek back to Wabash, and we arrived just on time to see the tail end of the National Act: Asher Roth and Mike Posner. We ran from the bus, threw our bags in one of our cars and made our way to the Allen Center just as Mike Posner hit the stage. I can still say it was a fun show considering we missed the first hour of it. I was unable to get pictures because I ran so fast to get there, but rest assured, it was a good!

Now that the little break is over, it is time to get the game face on for more studious resolve. Let’s attack another Wabash week. Wabash Always Fights!


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