The Ice Storm

Calm Before the Storm

Earlier this week, with news reporters hounding about the incoming weather intensity, I was a little skeptical about our chances of having classes. In the midst of icy weather, though, Wabash has proved formidable against the closing down of school. From what I have heard from Wabash history, Wabash never closes down, and that is how it should be. Wabash Always Fights.

The weather definitely took my by surprise, though. One minute I am walking in a snowy wonderland to the Sparks Center. Upon leaving, icy rain and icy snow is pounding on my face. This week has definitely been the week to whip out the winter coat and the snow boots. Now my boots are falling inches deep in the snow, which is really ridiculous. I can honestly say that Georgia weather will never get like this! Indiana definitely has a branch up in the winter weather intensity!

Talk About The Future! - Blade Runner

On a side note, our Enduring Questions class was featured the Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner tonight. Probably one of the most bizarre films I have ever seen, director Ridley Scott definitely got this film on the mark through complex themes like life and immorality and other intricate symbolism without explicitly stating them throughout the movie. For any science fiction fan and for anyone who enjoys a good thought provoking film, choose Blade Runner. You will not be disappointed.

Stay Frosty Everyone!

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