My First Week at Wabash


Hello, college! Wow, this whole first week has most definitely been busy and exciting, even as an independent in College Hall. Freshman orientation was a doozey. For the past few days from August 21st to August 25th, the Wabash class of 2014 has experienced the pleasures of what opportunities this school has to offer: from the Gentlemen’s Rule to dessert at the President’s house to community service projects to the whole career services spiel, I can tell the college life is going to be filled with reward, despair, and maybe psychotic behavior, partly because of our new found freedom and the inevitability of brain racking homework and tests. I took my first stroll today, and I noticed finding classes are pretty easy. That’s awesome! But now what do I do with all this freedom? I found myself befuddled for the first few days in between classes during my “off time.” Should I attempt homework? Should I hang out with friends? Should I meet new people? Should I join the various clubs on campus? All these questions have been on my mind for the past few days, and it is a little overwhelming. I must say it is quite an adventure.

But I feel that Wabash pride sinking in ever more clearly as I walk the beautiful campus and notice the Senior bench painted in a various array of colors by freshman in fraternities. Life is vibrant here at the college. Last night on Friday August 26, 2010, there was a block party out at the mall featuring Iron Man 2. That was a real treat. There were hamburgers, pizza, cokes (also referred to as “pop” here in the north) and popcorn. Everyone hung out, caught up with each other, and had a good time. Starting Monday I will be joining the Independents in practicing for the long and famous “Old Wabash.” Watch out fraternities. We are coming for you!

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