Presenting The Capstone – That’s Right!

Now that it finally feels like spring, things are starting to brighten up a little bit here at the Bash. Not much has really happened these past few weeks, mainly just getting classes finished up. In the next few days (on Friday specifically), the psychology department will be heading down to Butler, and all the guys will be giving talks on their final capstone project.

After an arduous data collection the first weeks of this semester, I finally had a chance to relax a little bit before I actually compiled it and analyzed. If I can recall back to a blog a few weeks ago, I was seeking to find if there were differences among female rats given different hormone treatments on a decision making task. Because I had too few rats in the project, I didn’t really get any significant differences, but I noticed some “trends,” which is kind of a cool start for a pilot study. I will be giving the talk on Friday with my classmates, and it should be a good time!

Other than that, I have a couple tests to study for, and I am waiting to hear back from some schools on some job positions. I will keep people updated as I go! WAF!

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It’s Warm Again?

I have been locked up in a cold winter prison for the past few months. It’s about time I got to see some consistency in the weather!

Now that the weather is warming up a bit (though not entirely up to that sweet spot), its about that time to get out and enjoy some of that fresh spring air. With school back in full swing and things slowly but surely wrapping up, there are a lot of things to get excited about besides the warm weather. Though I have not gotten anything finalized, I have been applying to internships for over summer. It is kind of a grind because the process seems later than when I usually get this tackled, but I like my chances. I just submitted my application on the Peace Corps. and am now just finishing up some of the health questions. Hopefully I get word back on that soon. Time will tell!

Big Mike Nemeth Catching the Pigskin

Looking to the future can sometimes be a scary process. Why not kick back and enjoy the spring with some football? That is exactly what I and the house did on Friday afternoon during the kickoff of Honors Scholar Weekend — for three straight hours. All of the swimmers joined in and grabbed some fresh for the first time in what has seemed like ages! Then me Matt Schramm, Anthony Repay, Wyatt Tarter, Joel Paquin, and I rounded for the pool and hung out at the giant rope for a while.

All in all it was a pretty relaxing weekend. School is a grind, but the payoff will soon emerge. The sun’s out and everything just seems a bit brighter!

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Spring Break – A Time For Reflection

As it has been said time and time again by many: college is a time of finding yourself. It is just a saying, but I feel this is one of the truest statements I have heard in a while. Apparently, it’s also a time to find out what you are passionate about, and I think that is also true to an extent. In fact, I think both of those statements should be synonymous with each other. If you find yourself and find what you are passionate about, you should be able to find what you really want to do after school. For me, that is a really difficult question, and while I am not sure most seniors have that answer right away, I figured I would have at least some idea of what I wanted to do by this point in my last semester in Crawfordsville.

As a soon to be college graduate, I find it just a bit worrisome that I have not really found what I want to really do with my life after school. I think that there are a lot of opportunities for me out there, but right now I am in a very frustrating position because I feel I have no set path. So this spring break, I have been sitting down with my family and talking about things that I could do after Wabash. Many things have come to mind. As I have mentioned in past blogs, I applied to some schools in neuroscience. While I don’t think it was a truly boneheaded move, I realized that I did not necessarily have all the major qualifications (I had all the “minimum” qualifications) that schools like these would be looking for, namely upper level biology and chemistry courses. So if I wanted to pursue that again, I would have to take additional classes after graduation, which is not a bad thing. I just wished I had known sooner that I wanted to do something like that. I have also considered applying to physical therapy school, but yet again, I would have to take additional classes after graduation. My parents also recommend that I try applying to the Peace Corps., which sounds like a pretty awesome opportunity as well. We will see what happens when I apply!

If anyone else is going through or has gone through this type of experience, feel free to reply to this post!

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Been A While – Spring Break is Nigh

It’s Coming Again… Beware!

It’s been a while since I have blogged! It’s been almost a month, but I think I should give you guys updates on what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been a little busy to say the least. The week before, I had just finished data collection on my neuroscience study. What I thought would end up only taking around three hours a day ended up averaging around 5 hours and some change for about two weeks straight! It was kind of a gruesome experience. Additionally, I just finished up filming my film project, which is now in the editing room, even as I write. It will also kind of be a busy few days for all of us as midterms and the threat of more snow loom in the horizon!

But to add a little bit of joy to the week, I did have the opportunity to see Wabash’s Macbeth on Friday! It was really good, and the performances and choreographed fight scenes convinced me, even in the Shakespearean voice. I would recommend it, but the last day was yesterday so if you hadn’t seen it by then you missed out.

Anyways, I hope this week brings everyone good favor and that everyone find something to light the way in these mounting stresses before the big break!

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Business Time

It’s that point in the semester to start buckling down again. Amidst the ice and the flurry of snow, one must put those boots on and grind out the Wabash schedule. My last semester here has been no easy road, unfortunately.

To give you an update on my two projects, I am just now starting my decision-making study for my psychology capstone project. We had some difficulties getting all the supplies we needed, but we now seem to be on track. I did my first day of testing, however, and I have hit a few road bumps in terms of length of time of the actual performance of the study, which is quite longer than I expected. Instead of running the task for three hours in a day, it just got bumped up a few more hours, which is kind of beyond my threshold. Hopefully a better strategy will put the time back down.

Speaking about my film project, things are going well. I am almost done with pre-planning the film. Right now I am in the process of finding a location, but things are looking good so far. I just have to find an apartment to set all my stuff! Let’s just say it’s been a little busy!

Hopefully everyone is getting back into the swing of things. The swim team is going to NCAC conference for their final meet of the regular season this week (leaving Wednesday), and it looks like we will be getting some fast times this year. I am pretty excited to see how my buddies do! Good luck swim team!

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When Will it End

The Aftermath of Last Night’s Snow Bath

Between snow raining down from the sky in Crawfordsville for the past some odd weeks and Georgia turning into the real-life Walking Dead, as cars have been abandoned in the streets of Atlanta, it makes makes you wonder when this snow madness will end! I, for one, used to pretty much love seeing the snow, but now I can see the extent of its damage on the people’s daily lives. If only this was happening during the break!

Meanwhile, I’ve been starting up on my film project and neuroscience project for the semester. The film project is going along just swimmingly, with actor preparation and the first script reading out of the way, I feel like things are going in a positive direction. For my decision-making neuroscience project, I have been set back a little bit just because we ran out of a certain pellet to give my rats during the maze trials. However, barring any other setbacks, I should be done on time!

Because it’s so cold outside, I’m not sure how much moving around people will be making for Super Bowl weekend. At our house, it will probably be a pretty relaxed day. It will be some good time off from studies and homework, that’s for sure!

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The Beginning of the Last Semester – Crazy!

I think that as a final semester senior, it’s easy to get reflective and sentimental about the past years at Wabash. But there is still one more semester to go! I thought it would be a huge relief to be in the homestretch. There is a ton of work to be done, though.

In Other News, It’s Still Snowing. Found a Deer Track Outside Our House, Which Is Kind of Cool

It has only been one week into classes, and the semester is already a little crazy, in terms of class time and amount of work. I have a couple of projects that are all beginning at the same time. This semester I am finishing up my capstone film project, which I will begin filming in a few weeks. I also am running a rat study over the next three weeks, involving hormone manipulation of females during a decision-making maze paradigm. In addition to chemistry, a writing course (which is a great review), and a classics course, my work is cut out for me right now. All I can do is just take it in stride.

Another Winter Snow Alert for Monday. Be Prepared!

It’s been fun getting the two projects set up so far. For the film project, I have had a lot of luck getting into contact with various faculty; and early this week, I should be showing my script to a couple of interested actors, which is really awesome. For my rat study, I just finished setting up my manipulations for the maze. Also, Andrew Fulton and I are finishing up the actual building of the maze, which was made from scratch the old-fashioned way – wood, nail, and hammer. So, right now, you could say things are a little busy, but they are a pretty exciting way to start off my final semester! WAF!

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Blanket of Ice – Comps Are Over!

Joel Paquin Walking Through the Winter Wonderland that Is Wabash College

I remember my first day of Freshman year like it was yesterday. On Wednesday morning, I finished my oral comprehensive exam (the final comp) with Dr. Aubele-Futch, Dr. Abbott, and Dr. Ison, and reflecting on it, it’s weird to think that the sum of my college learning gets put into 3 days of work.I mean, it’s truly crazy that it feels like four years flew by in just a blink. One thing is for sure… I am proud of every one of us who made it through to our senior years at this school. It’s been an incredible journey!

Matt Schramm and Dan McCormick Getting Their Ping Pong On

After comps were over, the guys on the swim team (who are here training for break) and I decided to use a little bit of our down time to play some ping pong over at Cole Hall. To be truly honest… It gets really intense when we play. After each point or victory, primal screams can be heard resonating throughout the halls of Cole. I mean, it is the perfect time to do just that, as no one is at school yet. Dan McCormick, Matt Schramm, Anthony Repay, and I have some insanely topsy-turvy play, and it’s all in good fun.

Tomorrow is the start of my last semester here at Wabash. I am going to top off the last semester with an English writing course, a classics course on food in the ancient world, some more chemistry, and my capstone projects for psychology and film. It’s time to begin!

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Wow, It Is Cold

The whole country, especially Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, are experiencing some insanely cold temperatures, reaching below 0 degrees Fahrenheit! One thing is for sure, as cold as it is in my hometown-of-no-snow in Georgia, it is nowhere near as frigid as it is in Crawfordsville right now. Seriously, -11 degrees! I never want to experience that ever. I do find it funny that many of the Georgia schools are closing down tomorrow due to the frigid weather (even though there is snow to be seen here). I’ve seen a lot of videos on Facebook and Youtube of northerners turning boiling water into ice droplets in the air, which is pretty cool! Here are a few links to those.

I have to head into the ice storm pretty soon, though, as comprehensive exams start up for every senior’s last semester. “Comps,” as we call them hear at Wabash, is basically a review of our years at Wabash, primarily in our major. We will have written comprehensive exams, which deal with aspects of our major, and then we will have oral comprehensive exams, which will highlight our Wabash experience as a whole. As foreboding as it seems for underclassmen and seniors alike, I think there is something to be said about getting the opportunity to show mastery in your major. I don’t think many schools do this, and if you do well, I suspect it looks good on resumes, other future endeavors, and it wraps up our Wabash experience in a nice little bow. I feel that as a psychology major, I am one of the lucky students, as the exams don’t actually start for me until next week. However, I will probably be heading up this Wednesday to get a head start on some studying and some review sessions.

I want to wish all my seniors good luck on comps. And maybe we will make it out of this polar ice cap winter! Wabash Always Fights!

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The Christmas Cookie Tradition

It is really never easy to blog during finals week, and now that the semester is over, there is only so much to talk about. After an exam and three empirical papers, I had to get back home to Georgia as quickly as possible and enjoy some relaxation with the family. For a majority of Wabash men, this was an extremely late semester. There were only five days before Christmas, and some guys were still at school!

Like I have said many times before, it really is great to be back in the old GA. Coming back home brings back many neat Christmas traditions. On Saturday, the family created our annual Christmas cookies from scratch. My brothers, Ben and Scott, and I just layer on as much frosting as we can on each cookie. The Christmas cookie tradition is just one of the many traditions we have during the holidays.

I hope all the Wabash guys enjoy their time off. It is definitely needed! May you all continue with your family Christmas traditions!

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