Matt Bupp, ’15

Hey, I’m Matthew Bupp. I’m from here in Crawfordsville. I’ve been playing soccer ever since kindergarten, but I have never had the chance to play for a club team. i have been playing at least 2 sessions of indoor ever since my freshman year, and I am currently on a team at Sportszone. I’ve played on Southmont High School’s varsity soccer team ever since my freshman yearand have now earned four letters. I have been named to the first team.
Away from soccer, I spend my time with my animals. I currently have 3 horses, many sheep and goats, a llama, and help my parents raise a large herd of feeder calves. I am active in my 4H clubs and I have been successful both at the county and state levels. I am currently deiciding where to live at campus, but plan to major in chemistry and possibly minor in physics during my time at Wabash. I look forward to a very successful season in which we absolutely destroy Depauw and all the over teams in the conference.
I can’t wait to meet the rest of you guys and hope that you are all having a great summer.
Matt Bupp
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What’s up guys,

I know we are only a couple months away from pre-season being here, so I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to start to get to know each other.  I’m sure you guys are already getting tired of just hearing from me, so I want you guys to post something in the blog.  I encourage everyone to post a little bio about themselves and send it to Coach G. and he will put it in the blog for everyone to read.  This gives the upperclassmen a chance to get to know the freshmen class coming in, and the freshmen class to get to know each other and upperclassmen as well. I will go ahead and do mine to get the ball rolling.

My name is Patrick West.  I grew up my living in Brownsburg, Indiana my entire life.  I originally started out as a goalkeeper in 5th grade up until my sophmore year in college. I played my entire club career at Westside United where we were state runner-ups 5 years in a row to the Carmel Cosmos (I hate Carmel with a passion). I played and started 3 of the 4 years Varsity as goalkeeper for Brownsburg High School (When we were in our glory days). Finally my freshmen year in college we won state cup when I played for the U-23 Westside team, but did not advance out of Regionals (1 point away in the group stage).  My first two years at Wabash I was our starting goalkeeper, but due to persistant shoulder injuries I made the jump into the field my Junior year. I played the majority of Junior year what I like to call the team’s ”Free Safety” defender who floated on the back line and picked up deep runs and unmarked men.  This year I will be pushed a little further up the field into the defensive-mid position, where I can take names and kindly escort opponents to the ground and take the ball from them.

I am a History major, and Economics minor at Wabash.  I live in the Phi Delta Theta fraternity on campus where I serve as Social Chair for our house. I am really big in to music and love going to concerts. I recently just got a dog for my birthday, Jameson, and am training him to be a stud and attract chicks while I take him for walks in the park. I am one of the jokers on the team and love to bust coach’s chops from time to time (provided he is in a good mood).  But most importantly, I want for this team what it has had the ability to do in the three years I have been on the team.  I want us to break into the national rankings, beat Depauw (They are in our conference now, so it means that much more to win) and (I hate Depauw more than Carmel), go to the Conference Tournament, go to the national tournament, and have at least 3 of our players make 1st team all conference.

Hope everyone’s summer is going well and looking forward to finding out more about everyone else.

Pat West, ’12 – Captain

P.S Congrats to incoming freshmen Ivaylo and Kyle who just won their 4th consecutive state title at Westside United. (I used to be the assistant/goalkeeping coach for them my senior year of high school. I would like to think I started their path to glory and their legacy they leave, but maybe it’s just because their team is full of tough players. Minus Stanson and little Vassilo, they were little girls when I was there.)

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I hope my first e-mail was a friendly reminder of what we need to accomplish this next season, and what it is going to take to get there.  I strongly encourage you guys not to be working out in the gym, but run. Run, run, run, run, and then run some more.  Since school ended, I started my summer weighing in at 178. This is far from where I need to be for Fall Season, but I am making the effort to get where I need to be. These first few weeks all I have done is run 3-4 miles every other day, maintained a fairly healthy diet, and played some soccer several times. Excluding a couple nights of light drinking with some friends, I am committing myself to this next season.  I weighed myself in today and am already down to 169; which is four pounds away from where I need to be for weigh-ins.  I have faith in all of you guys to, as Phi Delts so affectionately put it ‘start kicking s..t in the a..s’ and strive for your best.  I can’t wait to see everyone (and I expect everyone to) pass the Cooper Test.  I know for a fact coach might do a cart wheel and treat us all to a cookie or two if we can pull that off.  I believe in all of you, so let’s make it happen.
All the best,
Pat West, ’12 – Captain
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Captain Pat West, ’12, Welcomes 11 Freshmen to the Program

Hey Guys,
I hope all of your finals and papers went well this past month. I’m sure getting the much needed rest and relaxation is treating all of you guys well. I hope I will be seeing some of you (especially those that are in the senior class) a few times this summer.
To the 11 incoming freshmen that are about to join the team, let me be the first to say welcome to the brootherhood that is Wabash Soccer. I hope that as you finish up your last semester of high school strongly, I can assume all of you are excited to leave the high school scene and embark into the uncharted territory of not only college, but playing soccer at the collegiate level.
Having said this, I would like to offer you up and comers a couple words of advice.  First and foremost, do not put off training and preparing for the upcoming fall season until a month before having to check in for pre-season.  I know from experience that the summer after high school there are enormous amounts of temptaition to just party and hang out with friends.  Soccer at the collegiate level for any division is much more physically demanding, and the refs (for the most part) are very lenient when it comes to letting us play physical. Also, make sure you are playing with an organized team or at least in several indoor leagues and places that provide open play.  Not only will Coach G. hold you to a high standard of technical profficiency, but so will the rest of the team.  Most importantly be ready to come into our program (your program) with an open mind. Leave all egos and pre-conceived notions of your abilities at high school where they belong.  Our team values unity and being able to give constructive criticism to each other without holding grudges or bitching at each other.
Finally I would like to ask anyone interested in playing in an indoor league together please let me know.  I hope that Swanny, Jennings, Femi, and Hegeman would want to play together again this summer. But, I would really like any incoming freshmen that are interested to please shoot me an email.  This will be a good way for you to meet some of the guys on the team before coming into pre-season. It will also benefit us to become comfortable with and understand your style of play.
I’m looking forward to next year and taking the NCAC by storm,  embarrassing DePauw at their place, breaking into the national rankings, making the NCAA tournament, and finally receiving the respect our program deserves.
Until next time, take it easy boys.
Pat West, ’12 – Captain
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Where Is My Son?

For three days in August, I had the honor of hosting the Wabash Men’s Soccer Team Coaches and Players.  What?  I must be crazy!!

It all started about a year ago, when I approached Coach G with an idea to kick off the 2010 season.  Yes, the Argentina trip was priceless, but the NCAA doesn’t allow that every year.  And so, I offered our 10 acres and lake house in the suburbs of Cincinnati for a preseason camp.  We talked through it, and then in May he made it happen.  So it began with the arrival of players and coaches on August 17th, late in the evening.  My observations……

They eat a lot:  My first observation was that these guys need fuel, and lots of it.  We went through three days worth of Gatorade and Chocolate Milk in the first 12 hours.  Back to Costco to get three days more.  That was gone by the middle of Day 2.  Pans and pans of food from Oleg’s Tavern, a nearby restaurant that catered breakfast and lunch, were consumed.  Dinner’s were my domain, and that means grilled meats, salads, fruit and veggies.  Trust me, the guys do eat their veggies!  Even the Caprese Salad was a hit!

They work and play with intensity:  Two-a-day practices were held at the nearby Blue Ash Soccer Complex.  They worked hard on drills and plays.  Even though it was hot, that didn’t slow any of them down.  The team looked solid.  It didn’t stop there.  A fierce competition broke out on Day 2 during an impromptu cannonball competition.  The teams were relentless as they sought the elusive “second dip of ice cream” after dinner.  Same story for wind sprints.  It was hot;  they were tired; but no one gave a second on the clock for that.

They really do go to sleep and wake up on time:  Sleeping arrangements were like this… take a medium size house and a large barn, then add 22 players and 3 coaches.  No cable TV.  No telephone.  No internet.  While the barn was first considered the second class facility, those that slept there did not want to trade for a place in the house.  Seven a.m. wake up, and all were up and at it, ready to go.  There are no stragglers on this team.

My final observation:

These are not boys, these are men, and gentlemen to be certain:  They pitched in when help was needed.  They cleaned up everything.  They were appreciative and said thank you each and every time someone served them.  They are respectful, and know how to act dignified in public settings.  I know that Coach insists on it.  I know that Wabash insists on it.  And so, I saw it during the preseason camp as I have seen it so many times on campus.  These are men.  These are Wabash Men!

In closing, I might add that these men often leave an indelible memory on people that they touch.  They have done so with me, and for that, I will forever be thankful for their visit.  Suzanne and I will insist that the team returns next year, and hope that perhaps some parents might even join us for a closing cookout before the team returns.  I must also give my thanks to my wife, Suzanne, who worked countless days to ready the house for the team, and to our son David Rosborough (Wabash ’10), who helped me beyond measure during the three day camp.  And finally, to our daughter Shelby (Ohio ’10) for her on time deliveries

Greg Rosborough

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Plenty To Say

First off, apologies for leaving you – our 6 readers – hanging about my quest for weight loss and our Aug. 17 report date. I can’t deny that I left too many weeks go by without posting any entries, so here I am with what has happened since July 15.

I finished my vacation and returned to campus on July 27, just in time to pick up our new assistant coach Davey Lopez – please, read about him here

and leave for our recruiting trip to Muscatine, Iowa. After that, we got really busy with pre-season preparation and scheduling, as well as putting the final touches on our soccer camp.

Aug 17 came about and the lads reported on-time and prepared. Personally, I tipped the scale at 168 lbs, a hefty 32 lb. loss since May 1.  108 days and a result that put me at a great body weight, but also gave most of the guys – I say most, because 3 lads are still working extra hard to lose a few pounds before Sept. 1 – the motivation to lose 5,1 0 and 15 pounds as well!

After our day of physicals, NCAA meetings, and a Bleep Test, we departed for Loveland, OH for our three day camp at the lake property of Mr. Greg Rosborough, Phil’s ’12 and Dave’s ’10. It was awesome – Pat West will write a blog about it shortly and we will add some nice pics as well. The lads had a great time, practiced hard, and bonded in a very casual and engaging environment. Mr. Rosborough was simply amazing as a friend of the program and host. We couldn’t have asked for anything better; from the food to the accommodations, from the leisure trip to the water park to the dinner at Olive Garden, from the ice cream in Cincinnati to the sport complex at which we trained. This camp is something that we definitely want to continue planning in the future and Mr. Rosborough is even considering building a soccer field on his ten-acre lake property!! How lucky are we?!

Last Friday evening we returned to Crawfordsville to give our three freshmen the opportunity to rest and be ready for Freshmen Orientation that started Saturday morning and will continue until Thursday, first day of school. We keep working our two-a-day practice sessions and things are moving along quite well. Yesterday we played our first of two pre-season scrimmages against Valparaiso University Reserves. We beat them 3-2 but the result is relatively important compared to our good performance and ability to work together. It was a hot and muggy day and our legs felt the first 45′ and the heavy work we had put together the previous four days during the second half. However, we worked it through and pulled off a convincing result.

Next Saturday we will play our second game away against Hanover. There are many things we need to work on, but we are getting there and the lads are eager to make some Wabash soccer history in the next few months.

I have still plenty to say, but I’ll leave it for next time … until then, WABASH ALWAYS FIGHTS!

Coach G.

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Wabash Soccer 2010 Preseason Talent Show

Senior Mark Babcock performs at the annual preseason talent show.

One of the most anticipated and or dreaded parts of preseason for a Wabash College soccer player is the annual joke/talent show. This team building activity is one of many tools used by Coach G to bring his team together as a family, because if you can’t be yourself, laugh with or at your family, who can.   3 freshmen and I were virgins to the whole process and had to be the most apprehensive individuals in the room. So here is how it goes down, Part 1: Each player is come up with 2 separate jokes and tells them to the rest of the group stand-up comedy style. Part 2: Players individually or in a group are to pick a song and put on a performance displaying their creative singing and dancing talents. I have been to a few comedy shows in my time and I think it is safe to say that in this group there is not another Joe Rogan nor should they dream of performing at the Apollo. Alex Lyon led the way with the funniest joke of the evening, tapping into his Indiana roots, while freshman Bobby Thompson place a target on his back with a couple of jokes which raised the eyebrows of the upper classmen. Coach G did his best to teach us about how to do the laundry while I gave the boys advice on how to get that quality tan. JP lit the talent show on fire with his boy band performance, representing his rat-tail well only to be upstaged by Mark Babcock in his final performance of his career. The lone four-year senior went out with a bang and set the standard for future performances, with his best rendition of “Kiss” by Prince. In full black wig and purple costume, minus the guitar, Babcock expressed his leadership through song and dance, overall summing up what the entire event was about.

Assistant Coach Davey Lopez

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