Joe Stiglitz in Italy


I just wanted to stay in touch with you all while I am gone this semester. How has the start of the semester been for us? It is killing me that I had to leave in the middle of everything, but I am glad to hear that George is helping Levi organize everyone. My roommate here plays for Amherst and I met a kid who plays at Tufts and one who plays for Temple. We are getting a team together and joining a local league. I am still trying to find an actual team to train with. I asked our campus advisor about any and he is looking into it for me. I went to the AS Roma game last Saturday…unreal. The atmosphere made my want to hop on the pitch so bad. Rome is so awesome and the food is even better. In being here for just 2 week i have already lost pants are a size to big. I am going to Florence and Bologna this weekend. Do you have any advice on where I should go or what I should see? Sunday I am going to the Florence-Siena should be fun. Well I just wanted to stay in touch and see how everything was going. Press on guys!
Joe Stiglitz ’13
Wabash Soccer – Captain
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