George Vinihakis, ’15

Hello, I am George Vinihakis. I currently reside in Orland Park, Illinois which is nearly 25 miles south of Chicago. I have not always lived there. I was born in Greece, specifically the city of Iraklion which is located on the island of Crete, which is the southern most extent of Europe. I attended the nearby high school of Carl Sandburg and have played soccer there all four years of schooling and I also play for the Chicago Fire Juniors. We have just won State Cup in Illinois and are now preparing for Regionals which is the end of next week.  We hope to advance to Nationals in July and have a good chance since we are undefeated.
I have been playing soccer ever since I can remember.  I was brought into the sport because of my father who played semi-professionally in Greece some years ago.  Soccer has been a big part of my life, as I’m assuming it is to most of the other players on the team as well. The sport has taught me many valuable lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom but rather on the field.
At Wabash I am planning on majoring in economics and possibly minoring in political science. My inclination to seek such a degree is because I feel like both fields are competitive in nature and with my competitive an eager spirit, I believe it is the right fit for me.
Frank Sinatra had once said, “I’m gonna live till I die”.  At this juncture of my life I believe it is imperative to enjoy life but I look at life as being a fragile object.  Life can be taken away at any moment as I have had unfortunate experience both within my family and through one of my close friends near death experience.  In my life span I wish to become successful, monetarily and personally. Monetary success means for me to be able to afford the sport cars of my childhood dreams along with being able to support my entire family. I look to donate a substantial amount to charities and movements that promote the progression of the human race rather than aiding in political striffes. I wish to become personally successful as well meaning that I wish to grow to become a true man, a Wabash man.
I look forward to meeting all of you.
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