Blake Jennings, ’15

Hey guys, my name is Blake Jennings. As you may know, I am Austin’s brother, whose on the team now. But I do not want to be know as Austin’s brother or Little Jennings. I was that all throughout high school. I want to make my own name for myself and beat him if I may add!! I have been living in Noblesville all my life; been playing soccer I was about three years old. We have always been a soccer family. I have tried other sports here and there but suicides, really? Come on! Who likes those? That’s where my basketball career ended. I was not a big fan of standing in the outfield in baseball, so I quit that too. Soccer is just what I love to do and I have always pushed myself so I could get to where I am now. Hell, I am a Little Giant now! Every since my brother went here, I have wanted to go as well. I am going to make the best of it… We are going to make the best of it.

I am planning on majoring in Biology so I can be a Chiropractor or┬áDermatologist, haven’t decided yet. And I am going into Sigma Ki to live and pledge. I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the incoming freshmen and the team. Cannot wait for the season to begin, pre-season for that matter. I am a little intimidated but it’s a new experience, new field, new team, new everything.
See you guys August 15th!
Blake Jennings
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