Mad Man Madness

July 14 – 175.6 pounds – goal reached 33 days ahead of schedule!!

The three or four readers who still follow our soccer blog, know very well why this blog entry is titled "Mad Man Madness." I started this journey on May 1 at 200 pounds. 75 days later I lost all the weight I set up to lose by Aug. 17, the first day of our soccer pre-season.  75 days and 25 pounds later I feel I have done something that is much more and bigger than the weight losing endeavor I had embarked on two and a half months ago. I proved a point. I showed our soccer lads that hard work, focus, and determination can and will change everything. I hope I motivated them to do the same; to report in the best possible shape of their young lives and make history together at Wabash. The will to win is nothing compared to the will to prepare to win.

And now what? I asked this question this morning when the scale showed me the agonized one, seven, five, point six. Well, I will spend the next 33 days making sure that my good habits don’t stop, my diet continues to be a healthy one, and my exercise routine stays the same. I am on vacation in Virginia at the moment, visiting family members who live in the Virginia Beach peninsula area. I have plenty of opportunities for panoramic bike rides, great beach jogs, refreshing ocean swims, some challenging tennis, and strength training at the local gym. I am not setting another "mad" goal and try to lose even more pounds in the next 33 days, but I can promise you that I will be in great shape come Aug. 17.

The trail has been laid down, lads, you just need to walk that path, endure and overcome the obstacles, and get to the finish line with desire and pride.

Wabash Soccer Always Fights!!

Coach G.


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4 Responses to Mad Man Madness

  1. Ben Robinson says:

    Keep blogging, I’m still reading. Thanks for the updates!

  2. fifapro says:

    Well I don’t follow your soccer blog, but I think you have do a great work for the soccer team.

  3. KATHRYN says:

    How about a picture, Coach G? I am sure you also look great!

  4. Joe Davis says:

    I still visit the blog coach. Well done on the weight loss! I’ll be checking for your book and DVD : )
    (Lord knows I need it) Keep up the great work coach.