Simply Amazing

It’s been simply amazing!  I am sitting at the Airport in Buenos Aires, waiting for our flight to Chicago via Atlanta to start boarding and taking off for the States. I can’t believe our trip to Argentina is coming to its conclusion, and as everyone who is enjoying his/her stay always says, time seemed to fly.

I have so many things to say and comment on; all piling up in my head and pushing to come out first. Places, people, food, games, stories, feelings, and experiences that made this journey to South America a trip to cherish and remember for the rest of my life.

I will just write about the people for they represent, in my humble opinion, the salt of earth.  And I would like to begin with the members of the Wabash soccer team who traveled to Argentina after having talked about it for over three years, our seniors:

Jon Funston, our captain (Fun-Stuff or El Capitan, as he is now for everyone!), Tim Cheek (Cheeky) Christian Krenk (Krenk-it-out), and David Rosborough (D-ross). They are the ones who first heard about my plan to take the Wabash soccer program abroad; the first to respond enthusiastically and eager to make a dream come true. Well, lads, it did come true and I am so happy of having given you this opportunity. An opportunity and an experience that I am sure you will never forget. Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin, I am positive it was worth it!

I’d like to continue by thanking our junior captain Mark Babcock (The King of Cool) for giving me and Wabash another chance and becoming the leader that I envisioned when I recruited him two and a half years ago.  I am sure he made one of the best decisions of his young life. Great things are on the horizon for our team!

The remaining members of our team travel party are rising sophomores: Josh Pedersen (Lobo loco), Andrew Pearcy (El Duro), Pat West (Cheech), Philip Rosborough (Chong), Allan Swan (El Rubio), Ian Kelly (Screech), Lucas Evans (Apple Bottom), and Austin Jennings (AJ), have been the ones who jumped on board right away and made it possible for us to reach the minimum number of required participants to travel as a team.  I am ecstatic about the change they had and how much team bonding they were able to do while experiencing a different culture as members of the Wabash soccer program. Just the look on their faces and their daily excitement was worth the trip. Thank you, lads, you have been great!

My deepest thank you goes to Mary Kelly, Ian’s aunt, who took on the role of Tia (Aunt) for the whole team.  Her sense of humor and good mood made everyone around her happier and serene.  She can travel with us anytime!

And what can I say about my wife Marcela?  I gave her a job; to be our videographer and tape as much as possible during our many excursions, training sessions, games, etc. She was awesome (I already knew!). Our trip has been recorded for posterity and will always be part of the Wabash soccer program library.  Thank you love, you are simply the best – your blog entry gives a perfect picture of our travels and the feelings we all experienced.

Sergio Neveleff, you are incredible!  Your heartfelt leadership and guidance throughout our journey in Argentina and Uruguay was absolutely first class. I feel I have made a friend for life and I am sure the lads on the team feel exactly the same.

You treated us like family and we like to think that we have a new Wabash fan in Buenos Aires! Your assistants, Gabriel, Federico, and your son Geronimo, have been gracious and kind as well. You have a great company, made out of great people, and the sky is the limit!  Good luck in everything you do!

Thank you to the parents who, mostly, dished out the money so that their sons could have a memorable experience during their college career.  Also, thank you for entrusting me with your most precious “possession!”  I feel honored and I am humbled by such trust and confidence.  Rest assured that they have been true Gentlemen and respectful members of our travel party. They made my job easy (aside from some dessert regulations!) and it has been a sincere pleasure to have them around.  I hope they had the chance to see another side of me – possibly my best one – and relate to me on a much deeper and personal level than in the past.

I can honestly say that I love them all and I wish for them all the best their young lives can bring them now and in their future.

I like to think we have formed a family, a band of brothers who care, respect, appreciate, and tolerate each other, so that this season and the ones to come will become, together with their trip to Argentina, part of their memories to last a life time. I know I will never forget this trip and its travel party.

It has been un viaje simplemente maravilloso!


Coach G.

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2 Responses to Simply Amazing

  1. Jeff Oleck says:

    Coach G. and the team -
    I am so happy for you guys and being able to feel a part (through the blog, at least) of the growth that took place during the Argentina trip. The stresses of planning and fund-raising before the trip have been paid off, I am sure. I hope that you all have gained a new respect for each other and, as Babs eloquently wrote in his blog, for the gifts you are all given. I’m proud of you guys!
    See you on the 27th!
    All the best,
    -Coach O.

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