And So It Goes

In the first recruiting flier I sent out to prospective student/athletes in February 2006, I had expressed my desire to take the Wabash Soccer program and its members to foreign grounds and experience different cultures, traditions, food, geography, and people. Obviously, I also wanted to visit countries rich in soccer culture and tradition. Three and a half years later, the dream is finally coming through as 14 members of the team, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, plus 2 friends, 2 coaches, and 2 chaperones, are a few hours away from taking off with destination Buenos Aires, Argentina!
I am excited, thrilled to say the least, for me and the lads who have been waiting for this trip since the very first time they joined the soccer program in the fall of 2006. Yes, we have been talking about it since then and you can imagine the sense of accomplishment and resolve these lads must feel as the countdown to departure is within single numerical digits.
I am hoping and wishing that this trip goes well; that the many activities and excursions we have planned run smooth and effortlessly; that our lads have the time of their life, and that we return home with a bags full of unforgettable memories and unmatched experiences. They have worked hard in the recent past to fund the money and in this last ten days of grueling training in preparation for this; they deserve simply the best.
A few more hours….. and so it goes! Stay tune for more! Hasta mañana!
Coach G.
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