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He Made His Point

Kyle Luth-  Today was another busy day here in Berlin.  After I grabbed a tasty German danish and a coffee at the local bakery, our group headed over to the train station where we met up with Dr.  Byrnes.  From here we headed to a second train station where we met up with Dr. Byrne's friend, author, and a professor at the free university here in Berlin, Professor Wipperman.  Professor Wipperman is a professor of history with his expertise in Jewish history.  With these credentials, Professor Wipperman was a perfect addition for our visit to Ravensbrück Concentration Camp.

            Our visit to Ravensbrück was one of the most humbling and thought provoking experiences of my life.  Seeing the buildings, the walls, and the grounds where the many horrible things that took place in such camps was awe inspiring and left me with a sense of desperation and incomprehensibility as to how such things could have happened.  The monuments erected on the premises in honor of those who were imprisoned and killed in the camp showed the importance of this history in German history itself.  Our trip to the concentration camp gave use a peek into one of darkest chapters in German history, while at the same time providing us with a better idea of the important and necessary steps that this country is taking to remember its blemished past.

            On a lighter note, the train ride to and from Freiensburg (the city where the concentration camp was located), was great and the countryside was beautiful.  It is amazing to see such incredible scenery everywhere you go.  In addition, for a guy from a small town (Attica, IN), the big city is incredible.  It is never dull here.  The food is amazing, the people are great, and list of things to do is endless.  So three cheers to old Wabash and old Berlin!!!