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Durch den Park!

Boyce Evans- Today we went to see a section of where the Berlin Wall still stands.  It is a park and memorial.  It shows the wall and between the two sides there is a no-man’s-land where at one time there were land mines, trip-wire machine guns, and dogs to make sure people from the east could not escape to the west.  It is very different to see these things up close and personal.  I have read about them many times and seen pictures, but to see it is very different.  It made the situation of Berlin’s past a reality for me and not just something I learned in a history class.  After that we went to Selendorfplatz, a small community of the west side of the city.  We had lunch and after that we went to the Allied Powers Museum.  The museum covered the time period between the end of the war in 1945, till the fall of the wall in 1989.  It was amazing to see first hand all the things that were done to help the city of Berlin.  I received a better understanding of the Berlin Airlifts, when the allies supplied food and supplies to the millions of people in Berlin during the blockade by the Soviets. It was a great day and I learned so much.  I have enjoyed my time here in Germany, the people are great, the food is good, and there is so much to see and do.