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Arrival in Berlin!

Bryan Carr-  Today was the first day in Berlin, and, for some guys, the first day in Germany let alone another country.  Yesterday, Monday May 8, very effectively blended into today considering we left the Wabash campus at eight o’clock in the morning and arrived in Deutschland at eight o’clock on Tuesday morning.   We experienced a four and a half hour lay-over in Newark, NJ, before we boarded flight number 0096 service to Berlin, in which members of the group played cards, grabbed something to eat, and carried on friendly conversations with the college-age women passing by.  The flight took approximately seven and a half hours, and we landed at ten after eight in the morning.  The in-flight movie, Rumor Has It, starring Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner, was entertaining to say the least.  The only problem was that the flight crew decided to start the movie at one o’clock in the morning.  After landing and collecting our luggage at the baggage claim, we started the trek to Lette’m Sleep Hostel located on Lettestrasse in Berlin (a little creative pun in the name).  The journey between the Airport and the Hostel was no small task; we had thirteen guys each with a carry-on and a suitcase, and even some with two pieces of luggage.   We thundered down the serene cobblestone streets like bulls in a china shop, showing our true American character.  Professors Byrnes and Tucker left us at a shopping center while they went and checked into their Pension, and returned thirty minutes later to escort the thundering herd to the hostel.  After dropping off our baggage we immediately started our tour of the city.  We started in the Alexander Platz, continued through the Nikolaiviertel (oldest portion of the city rebuilt), and then to the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedänkniss Kirche (A church destroyed in World War II and left in ruins as a memorial).  After the church, we were left to do whatever we wanted: shop at the biggest department store in Europe, KaDeWe, return to the hostel, or whatever.  We all met for dinner and dined at the Bayerisch Michtel, a southern German restaurant.  After dinner, the group split to do different things and get ready for Tuesday. 



Kevin Witt-  The trip began as we concluded our 8 hour flight from Newark Airport at the Berlin Tegel Airport.  Exhausted, we collected our luggage and headed for the lobby.   After riding various modes of public transportation, we were left to blunder through Berlin with our wheeled suitcases to make our way to our Hostel.   We truly looked like American tourists, aimlessly walking through Berlin.  Lunch was a God-send.  Thürigen sausage and beer; that’s all I’ve got to say.  We began to tour the Alexanderplatz and the buildings therein, and soon it came time to part with Dr. Byrnes.  We browsed the goods at the KDW, and then some of us went to recuperate from some jet-lag.  We met Dr. Byrnes and Dr. Tucker at a traditional Bavarian restaurant, and we ate, drank, and were merry.  Being in Berlin, a completely new place for me, has certainly been an eye-opener, and I’m glad I’m here.