Plaque Room

Greetings from the Plaque Gallery in the Baseball Hall of Fame!  Each player inducted into the HOF (Hall of Fame) is presented with a plaque, and the plaque is then enshrined into the hall forever. There are a total of 297 plaques in the hall with more being added each year.

Looking at Stan the Man Musial’s plaque in the Plaque Room! I am a huge Stan Musial fan as evident by the jersey I am wearing.

On each plaque, the player’s face is engraved on the top. Below the face is the players full name as well as all of the teams he played for. Then finally, there is a short biography of the player and his accomplishments. Each player who served in the military is also given a bronze medal below his plaque.

Ernie Banks’ plaque. Note the medal below his plaque for his military service.

Another interesting feature in the gallery is that each home country represented in the HOF is represented by a flag in the front of the room. The countries represented are the United States, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Panama, Canada, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and England. It was a neat addition to an already legendary room.

Several of the flags representing the home countries of the Hall of Famers


All in all, the plaque room has been the highlight of my trip to Cooperstown. You know you are walking on sacred ground when you are walking around and reading all of the plaques. It is still surreal for me to believe that I am  here walking in the shadow of legends.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible! My classmates and I have learned so much on how baseball has helped shape our nation’s identity, and we have all enhanced our research skills which will be valuable to us in our next four years at Wabash.

Wabash Always Fights,

Jerel Taylor ’16


PS: Go Cardinals!



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