Friday in Cooperstown

Our day started off bright and early around 8:30am when we met on the first floor of the hotel for breakfast. We all chatted about the MLB playoff games from the night before and gave our predictions for the upcoming games. Then after we cleaned our plates, we departed from the hotel for our second day at the Hall of Fame. To my surprise, it was pretty cold outside and it was also drizzling, but a little cold weather didn’t bother us Wabash men.

Today at the Hall of Fame, the second group of students were assigned to research in the A. Bartlett Giamatti Research Center. I was part of the second group and was excited to research my Indiana baseball player: Tommy John. In the Research Center, the librarians passed out our player’s files. Gloves were required to touch all of the documents. Yes, it was very professional. We dug through newspaper clippings, letters, and photos finding a ton of information on our players. We all had fun sharing interesting facts about our Indiana baseball player.

After researching for two hours, we headed over to the Bullpen Theater to meet with the senior director of exhibitions and collections at the Hall of Fame, Erik Strohl. He explained how exhibits are designed and the process that goes into making a new exhibit. Erik provided a wealth of information and we wished we would have had more time to speak with him. We got over that quickly as our growling stomachs told us it was time to grab some lunch. We made sure to stuff ourselves because we knew it would be some time until dinner and because that’s what college freshmen do, eat too much.

Once we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant, we walked around Cooperstown and visited many shops. It started to flurry in New York but that did not stop us Wabash Men we kept on going because Wabash Always Fights! At 3:00pm, most of us headed back to research our players some more in the Giamatti Research Center. We looked through our files one more time and after about an hour we had enough information needed for our upcoming paper.

For dinner we ate at New York Pizzeria Cooperstown and then headed back to the hotel to watch some of the MLB playoffs.  I have to admit Chicago pizza is vastly superior to New York  pizza.  I would consider it a productive and fun Friday in Cooperstown.

Joe Murphy



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