Erik Strohl

We received the pleasure of getting to talk with Erik Strohl is the Senior Director of Exhibitions and Collections for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Strohl was an intern at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and then attended to the Hall of the Fame program to receive a Master’s Degree in Curating. He gave us the low-down of how the exhibits are created and how the artifacts are collected. An interesting aspect of the Hall of Fame is that none of the artifacts are purchased; their owners donate the artifacts. He also explained that the exhibits themselves brainstorms, designs, and creates all of the exhibits.
Before Strohl was the Senior Director, he was a curator for the Hall of Fame. His biggest contribution to the Hall of Fame is the Hank Aaron Chasing the Dream exhibit. The exhibit obtains 50 artifacts form the Hank Aaron legacy all donated directly from Aaron himself. The exhibit exemplifies the Aaron legacy greatly both as a player and a role model, by showing his accomplishments from the uniform that was worn when he hit the 715th homerun, the two silver bats, his presidential medals, his 1957 World Series ring, or the 3 Gold Gloves. Overall Strohl allowed us to see the behind the scenes of the exhibits and what is done to create them.

Seth Gunderman

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