Archival Research Day 2

Archival research was back under way today with the second group starting the research today. I was lucky enough to be able and spend time doing research on my Hall of Fame play, Sam Rice. To give a little background about the archives, anyone can go into the library and ask to see information, photos and even videos of any player that had played a pitch in a game. Now some may not have a lot but they do have a file. It is really interesting doing the research because you are required to wear white gloves when handling any piece of information.
To share a little about my experience, when I sat down I was handed a scrap book that contained articles all the way from the 1930′s! I was mind blown to see the condition and being able to handle article that were talking about Reggie Jackson and his HOF chances and talking about his career. After I was finished with the scrap book I went diving into a folder that had to have over 500 pieces of paper. Now these papers could range from being articles about Sam Rice or something that had Sam Rice’s name in a sentence. There were also stat sheets and other records of Rice. I’d like to share a little with you about what I learned about Sam Rice, he hit .322 for his career, never hit below .294 in a season, came into the league as a pitcher and was converted to out field. The story that surround his name is the controversial catch in the 1925 world series, now there are many that say he did and did not make the catch, however he wrote a letter that was not allowed to be open until his death saying he did make the catch he had a death grip. That is a little information about what I read about Sam Rice.
My overall experience with the archives was amazing and I really wish I could have more time to research some more about other players that I am familiar with to see what I do not know about them. I will defiantly make another trip to the hall of fame and spend a lot of time in the archives, it is a great experience. Well that’s all from me I am signing off this has been a great trip and I wish I could share more.


Justin Green

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