This weekend has been more stressful than I had hoped. Because my one and only final is on Monday I have frantically studying for Econ. I received my final grad in colloquium and I am happy to report I received an A. Saturday I believe I was suffering from a mild stomachache so I tried to take intermittent naps throughout the day while working on some Econ. Sunday was a good day but all about Econ. The more I study Econ the more confident I feel and the more I can not wait until Monday afternoon when I do not have to worry about another graph again. Sunday afternoon I received my last essay prompt from the History class. I began working on my five-page paper in the middle of commercials of Discovery’s Planet Earth. I am hoping this week will not kill me or stress me out to the point that I speed up my balding. Hopefully I will be done as a senior by Tuesday at noon.

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