Apartment Shopping

This weekend was very. With the great news that I now have employment I now have the arduous task of finding a place to live. I have a small dilemma. Either live in DC or get sell my car or live in Maryland or Virginia and commute to work. I have tried to look for places that would allow me to keep my car in DC but it doesn’t seem like it will be economically feasible. In other news my mother called me on Saturday and told me my income tax refund finally came in which is good news because I was wondering how much I was going to get. Saturday evening there was a social event at TKE so I headed over therefore a little bit before heading to bed. Sunday was a great day weather wise. I enjoyed doing more online apartment shopping, working out, going for a run and the usually Sunday evening MXI meeting. This week looks relaxed for schoolwork. Lets hope I can figure out this logical mess about moving to DC.

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