Beta Soirée

I cannot believe my weekend is already over. Seems like my final days of my second to last semester here at Wabash are flying by. Saturday morning I tried to work on a Rhetoric paper but the Syfy channel had an Indiana Jones marathon. For dinner a pledge brother and I went to Stake and Shake before our annual Beta Christmas Soirée. Right before the dance I checked the Wabash v. Mount Union final score. Even though we lost the game I believe everyone gained a deeper respect for Wabash. The dance was awesome. My date came from St. Mary’s College up in South Bend, IN. She brought her friends along with her. I danced all night and into the early hours of the morning. It always feels good to let loose and have fun sometimes. Sunday I said good-bye to my date and continued work on that paper. That evening I went to a MXI meeting and work on my lab notebook for a practical on Monday.  The countdown is now on! Only two more weeks till the end of the semester.


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