I Won a Football Game?

Thanksgiving was awesome. On Thanksgiving Day Billy and I went to one of our pledge-brothers homes (David Hauck). His mother invited us over to have Thanksgiving with them. I was more worried about my stomach than anything else because of how much I knew I was going to eat that day. After eating amazing turkey, deviled eggs, and Reese’s pie we headed back to his house to play in his families annual Thanksgiving Bowl. All Thanksgiving break Billy has been talking up this football game and even told me I am going to be on the opposing team just so I could watch him win. Let’s just say that his “dream team” failed and my team won. I know he is still pretty sore about that so, I won’t mention it. After the football game we went inside, washed up, ate, drank, and told stories of life and family memories till the midnight. The girls had their elaborate Black Friday shopping plans and I really just wanted to get some sleep. The next morning I woke up and watch a movie while eating leftovers from Thanksgiving, which were really good. Around 3 Billy and I headed back to Crawfordsville. He had basketball practice to get to and I had a ton of homework that still needs to get done. Well the Beta house is still empty Thanksgiving is over, unfortunately.

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