Late Nights

So it is Tuesday morning around 1:30 AM and I am online looking up new desktop wallpapers for my computer before I go to bed. At the same time I hear a disturbing noise coming from two sides of our room. I discover that both my roommates can snore really loud. I finally got to bed and tried to fall asleep but the snoring persisted. I woke up the next morning not really feeling refreshed because of my lack of sleep. The moral of this story is one of two things, you can either learn to tolerate snoring or you can learn to snore along. I decided to take the passive approach and learn to tolerate it. Back tracking a little bit, on Monday during my first class of the day I was randomly selected to write a 2 page report on the chapter assigned for the next class period. This was a pleasant surprise at 8 AM in the morning. On Tuesday the highlight of my day was going to the pre-law meeting for juniors and sophomores. Professor Himsel talked a lot about the competitive nature of law school admissions. On the bright side I still have 6 more semesters to get ready to make a good impression on law schools. Track practice has been going well although many of the new and old members of the track team have been getting sick lately so the workouts have been kind of lonely. Today, Wednesday, I finally got my new Blackberry in the mail. No wonder people refer to it as the crackberry, because it is so much fun and I have so much access to everything all in my hand. Today there was also a soccer game in which I attended, against DePauw. Although tied DePauw but I still think we obviously were the better team. I am really proud to see one of our own Beta pledges, Alex Lyon, out there in his number 17 jersey making plays!

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