New Week of Work

This week is all about recovering after Honors Scholar weekend. On Monday I went to class as usual, then onto the trainer’s room in the basement of the Allen Center to begin the long process of getting the swelling down in my knee. Practice was a little more grueling than usual (As all Monday and Wednesday practices are). We ran eight sprints up a very steep incline on a little street off campus. On Tuesday things around Wabash began to smell weird. I believe it was the new mulch that was put down that made the entire campus smell like….crap. The worst was at track practice because the wind was beginning to pick up and it was impossible to escape the smell. That night I had my regularly scheduled Student Senate meeting and Community Service Committee meeting. After those meetings I went to my spot in the library and worked till about 12 then headed on back to the Beta house to finish more work. At this point in the week I’ve been going to bed around 1:30AM every night. Wednesday I had class as usual and then meet with my academic advisor to pick out my classes for next semester. I am taking more Philosophy and Rhetoric courses. My advisor told me it was mandatory to take C&T (the Culture and Traditions course) next year so I added that to my schedule along with a Political Science course. That night, with a light workload, I decided on finally going to bed a little earlier. I can not wait for the Washington University track meet this weekend. I’ve never been to Saint Louis, so it will be interesting to see!  

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