Trip to Montpellier Just Got Shortened

Howard W. Hewitt – Good news yesterday from the travel agency that helps arrange our alumni trips.

During initial booking for the June 7-17 France trip we could not get a flight from Paris to Montpellier. We had a three-hour layover at Charles de Gaulle Airport then would have taken the high-speed train to Montpellier. That would have meant the overnight flight, three hours in an airport and three hours on the train before arriving around 3:30 p.m. local time.

Yesterday we found a connecting flight so we can book straight through Paris to Montpellier. We’ll still have about a three-hour layover before the flight but save two hours. The flight is about an hour down to the Mediterranean coastal city. The good news is we’ll arrive early afternoon with nothing scheduled until our evening dinner.

But we wanted to include a high-speed journey on our trip so Wednesday, June 12 we’ll hop aboard the TGV train in Montpellier for the three-hour trip back to Central Paris. The TGV can hit up to top speeds of 200 mph.

Here is a fun little video on the history of high-speed trains in France.