Dr. Gerald C. “Jerry” Wood ’66 wins Seymour Medal Award

Jerry Wood ’66 is Distinguished Professor of English Emeritus at Carson-Newman College in Tennessee.  During his years as a college teacher, he wrote primarily about theater and film.  However, his recently published book about baseball player Smoky Joe Wood has been selected as the 2014 Seymour Medal Award winner for best book of baseball history or biography (in the baseball community this is a very significant award, per baseball guru Wabash Rhetoric Professor Todd McDorman).  Jerry will receive the Seymour Award at the banquet of the 21st annual NINE Spring Training Conference in Tempe, Arizona on March 15.  Jerry’s other books have covered topics such as modern dramatists, Irish writers, and the Chicago Cubs.

He was featured in a past issue of Wabash Magazine, Lessons Learned :  Q:  Personally, what is the most meaningful life lesson you have taken from your vocation or avocation?  A:  “In my junior year at Wabash, I chose to major in English. . . . . ”

Congratulations, Jerry!

Thanks for the news tip, Todd!




Photo courtesy of Amazon.

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