Major General Earl Johnson’38 – Some Little Giant

The college community said "safe fini flight" to our most senior class agent, Major General Earl Johnson ’38, at the Pioneer Chapel this past weekend.  The group was small – after all, the General had outlived virtually all of his friends.

However, one of his favorite experiences at Wabash, his time in the Phi Delta Theta house, was the center of the celebration of his life.  Donna Dawson, General Johnson’s daughter, accepted an award from the International fraternity.  The award has been made only five times and goes to a member of the fraternity who truly distinguished himself in the service of our Country.  In addition, several current members of the fraternity were there to pay their respects.

It reminded me that we often focus our attention on the alumni who go on to be highly successful. And we should celebrate those whose leadership and effort make a difference out in the "real world".  But there are also those who toil behind the scenes – teachers, ministers, and those in the service – whose efforts often go without celebration but whose tasks are absolutely critical to the life we enjoy today.

General Johnson was indeed one of those difference makers.

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2 Responses to Major General Earl Johnson’38 – Some Little Giant

  1. Rudy Altergott says:

    I was humbled by the experience of attending the memorial service. Great seeing you in your dress blues, sir. Almost didn’t recognize you coming in.

  2. Jennings Gillem says:

    I was googling to see if I could find an email address so that I could send an email to the man my father, Ret Lt Gen A.C. Gillem once referred to as my Uncle. I grew up as his next door neighbor on Guam and went on many a trip to General Johnsons Orlando. My father passed last Sept and I had talked to General Johnson at that time–he sounded great. I did not even know he had passed. Truly saddens me to lose another one of the greatest generation.