Wabash Technology Survey – This Might Surprise You

Here’s a little bit of the student technology survey released this week.

- The percentage of students bringing their own computer to Wabash – 95.3%

- The percentage of those that are laptops – 88%

- What operating system does your computer use?  25.4% use a Mac (that’s up 600% in the last 5 years)

- The percentage of students who have a cell phone – 98%

- The number of Apple iPhones currently registered on the Wabash wireless network – 481 (yes, correct, 481!) 

- Distinct web pages on the Wabash web site – 101,822 (That’s a lot!)

- Alumni who logged into Alumni eServices last year – 1,143 (almost 10 % of our living alumni)

- Number of Wabash blogs – 130 (And almost all of them have more than the 9 readers this one has!)  

Lessons learned?
1.  Buy your son a laptop – it’s cheaper than a car.
2.  Might as well make it a Mac.
3.  Get the iPhone while you’re in the Apple store.
4.  Make his home web site: www.wabash.edu


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2 Responses to Wabash Technology Survey – This Might Surprise You

  1. Rudy Altergott says:

    Happy to say I saw the results here first.

  2. Andrew Forrester says:

    Thanks for the stats!