How Many Different Times?

Most flying stories start with the line: "There I was…"  Well, my days of telling flying stories have diminished greatly but that’s the first thing I thought of when I took this picture.

"There I was" waiting for Chapel to begin yesterday when I caught sight of a conversation.  That’s Wabash President Pat White talking with Vic Powell H’55.  Vic is legend – any adjectives I could throw around here wouldn’t be enough.  Vic Powell H’55.  LEGEND.

Vic and Pat were lost in animated conversation.  The rest of the Chapel was busy with other things.  My mind kept thinking – how many times, with how many other Wabash leaders, have the little sidebar talks with Vic Powell happened?  Of our 15 Presidents, not including the acting ones and Vic stands tall as one of those,  Vic has been here during the tenure of 8 of them.  I would bet the two nickels I have in my retirement account that every single one of those Presidents, at one point or another, had at least one similar exchange.

I wouldn’t dare begin to guess the subject matter of yesterday’s talk or the many that preceded it.  It really doesn’t matter.  What matters, in the great scheme of things, is that Vic Powell is.  He has served this college and her many leaders with a steadfast devotion to our young men and their education and his glass has always been at least half full. 

L E G E N D! 

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  1. Karen McCarthy says:

    AMEN. Thank you.