Celebrating Scholarships Luncheon

Almost 400  people gathered Saturday as the college celebrated those who have provided the funds for scholarships.  Students and their families were seated with the families responsible for providing the scholarships.

Wabash alumnus Luke Messer ’91, who came to Wabash from a a single parent family, explained that scholarships made it possible for him to attend Wabash – without the scholarship, he would not have been here.  He also credited Wabash with his ability to be successful at one of the best law schools in the country after Wabash.


Student Sam Prellwitz ’10, who plans to be a Minister after Wabash, then captured the crowd as he drew a parallel between his experiences on the farm as a young boy and his similar experiences with growth and the benefits of hard work and pushing your personal limits at Wabash.

It was a special lunch and many thanks go to Wabash staff member Marilyn Smith for putting the entire lunch and program together.

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