Chapel Features Scott Himsel ’85

Chapel these days, every Thursday morning, is somewhat like the old days but isn’t mandatory.  As you can imagine, the springtime Chapels, when the weather is nicer and the sun is out, tend to have a little lower attendance than the ones in the fall.  OK, significantly lower.

Except times like yesterday – when someone like Scott Himsel ’85 delivers a Chapel talk.  We had one of the best turnouts we have had all spring.

Click here to go to iTunesU and see Himsel’s entire talk.

Scott’s talk was on the right to bear arms.  Now, right off the bat that might not seem to be a real draw. Not compared to subjects like "Spring break top 10 locations".  But there are two forces at play here that make me step back and say to myself I wish I had what Scott has.

1.  Scott made a complex subject much easier to understand.  Scott’s style is one that delivers all the facts and let’s the listener lead himself through the process and arrive at his/her own point of view. 

2.  Scott is deeply respected and widely admired by the students for what they know him to be – a dedicated and caring teacher.  They are only, I think it safe to say, slightly aware of Scott’s other full time job as a busy, successful partner in the law firm Baker and Daniels in Indianapolis.

Imagine if they knew that Scott also volunteers in a number of different ways for his college, his Church, and his community.

Scott Himsel – Some Little Giant.

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