Chances Are You Sat Here Once

Chances are you sat in these very same seats once on Honors Weekend, just like these young men last weekend.  

You were probably doing the same mental gyrations they are:
- Is this the place for me?
- I need to do well on these tests!
- If I attend Wabash, what’s the right living arrangement for me?
- I don’t know if my family can afford it?
- Can I hack it here?
- Will I ever see a girl?

Yep, whether you were in the Class of 2004, 1979, or 1954, those same thoughts ran through your mind.

You might be able to help one of these guys, especially if you referred him to Wabash.  Pick up the phone and give him a call.  Let him tell you about the weekend.  Let him tell you how he did.  Let him tell you what he is wondering/worried about.  Then tell him everyone wonders the same things.

The more some things change, the more some others don’t.

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