And So It Begins…Again

Aug 27, 2008. Last night, the Phi Psis painted the bench. Looks like they did a good job – but more on that in just a minute. This morning, there were three Sigma Chi pledges “keeping watch” over the bench. Seems they anticipate taking their turn at bench painting later today.

These guys did believe that the Phi Psis committed a violation of the Gentleman’s Rule as it relates to bench painting. They claim no Greek letters can be used by pledges. I offered that it might have been actives and thus permissible. They are still pondering that.

I was a little surprised that the Phi Psis took the time to give the toe nails the once over. I’ll be the one pondering that…

We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

Good to have the guys back on campus.

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One Response to And So It Begins…Again

  1. Royce says:

    Rules for letter use depend on the fraternity, not on Wabash. Interestingly enough, painting the bench is one of the only times our pledges are allowed to write the letters during pledgeship. That’s obviously a Wabash adaption of an old fraternity tradition, though.