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The Blue Note

By Marquise Triplett

After an amazing tour of Time Square, we continued our experience of New York by going to a live jazz club called the Blue Note. We arrived at the club around midnight from the subway. The city seemed to just come alive. People, cars, and cabs were everywhere; the streets and sidewalks were packed. The line was getting longer and longer to the club as we continued to wait. “This must be a popular hot spot!” I said. The show was supposed to start at 12:30 am, but it did not. They were so late that we did not get in until 1:00 am.

The place was amazing. It was kind of dark, but they had blue like candles things on each table. The place filled up fast, as everyone waited for the band to begin. I was shocked to see so much diversity at this jazz club. There were Asians, Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and even some Europeans here to hear a jazz band. Many people also wore black too. Some people like Dr. Timmerman and Daniel King were sleep even before the show had even started. The drinks were expensive. Martinis were $13, mixed drinks were $12, coffee drinks were $10, and beers ranged for $14 to $6. Knowing that I am not old enough to buy liquor, I order a green tea which was $3.50. Shayne, Daniel, and Jeremy ordered juices and pop which were all the same price, however, Leander and Marcus order tap water which was free of course.

Around 1:45 and 2:00 am, Maurice Brown started the show with a great trumpet performance. Others on the keyboard, the guitar, the bass guitar, the drums, and two saxophones joined him. They were terrific. The sounds and the beat were so moving that I could barely stay in my seat. Some others were not as moving as me as the all day got to them. The professors and the some students left and called it a night. Ms. McIntyre, the other students including myself stayed the rest of the night. They played about eight selections. Some had some singing in them too. The last selection was a New Orleans original. Two guest, one on a trumpet and the other on a saxophone, played in it also. We left about 4:00am. I will definitely be going to more jazz clubs from now on. But what a first night we had!!!