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Big Ben's Chili Bowl

 We started the morning off with a little slice of history on “Black Broadway.”  Eating at Big Ben’s chill bowl.  Ben’s had very tasty food that had survived since 1958. I was eating a Big Ben’s chill burger sub.  It was a massive sandwich, which was delightful. 

Looking around this Ben’s I saw and vast amount of famous people eating at this fine dining; Chris Rock, Martin Luther King Jr., Bill Cosby, Dr. Dre, and Nat King Cole.  The Lincoln Theater was located right next door so Ben’s really never ran out of costumers. 

Ben’s saw the changes of their block with the riots and introduction of the Metro.  I had a great time eating there and as we were finishing up we watched clips of news and a rap video that had Big Ben’s chill bowl in them.  It was good to see how well known Ben’s really is.  Now as we left full of great food and our stake in history we took the last picture together in front of Ben’s just as so many had done before. 

Josh Reeves