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Reflections of an Intern

Brian Burns - My name is Brian Burns, and I will be sophomore here at Wabash this fall. Over this summer, I have been working as an intern for the Wabash College Admissions Office. It has been a very unique and interesting learning experience so far, with still many great opportunities on the horizon before school starts up again.

Although our campus seems empty without our student body of 900 men, the campus has been busy all summer. Here in Admissions, we have been getting our incoming freshman ready to join our classes this fall and working to recruit rising seniors and juniors in hopes to fill freshman classes of the future.

The other Admissions intern, Travis Janeway, and I have been in the middle of this recruitment process by calling prospective students, giving campus tours, and sending out mailings regarding the great things Wabash has to offer.

One of the most rewarding things I have been able to do this summer is give campus tours. During my training the first week on the job, I was taught many things about our college to talk about on tours which I had been unfamiliar with: much of our history, a lot of our non-academic buildings, and the many programs we offer to students. This new found knowledge has made me even more proud to call myself a Wabash Man. This pride is what fuels me, not to mention probably all of our other tour guides, in sharing enthusiasm for our unique Wabash College experience.

I have also seen first hand the pride that our alumni hold for Wabash. I have given tours to grandfathers and fathers bringing their younger kin to campus to show them where they learned to think critically and act responsibly. I have also talked to alumni who are helping with our recruitment process by referring high school students to their Alma mater. These referrals are very helpful to us, because the students usually already have some knowledge of our college. This leads to a little less culture shock when they hear about our all-male atmosphere.

Overall, this summer has been great. I have been able to meet new faculty and professors. I have also been able to see progress on the many construction projects going on around campus all while acting as an ambassador to the college.

This upcoming year is looking to be more exciting every day. I hope everyone is having a good summer. Wabash Always Fights!