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Twin Cities Alumni Workshop

Chip Timmons - Last night, I met with a group of alumni from the Twin Cities to discuss how to improve our recruiting efforts in this area of the country.  This alumni volunteer workshop was one of two we conducted this week.  Damon Howell met with the Washington D.C. alumni group on Tuesday.

Father Michael Reding '86 served as our host and joining Michael and I were Charlie Crowley '70, Kyle Falconbury '96, Randy Moore '79, Bob Neal '60, and Ralph Powell '55.

Like most alumni events, a lot of time was spent sharing stories of days at Wabash and I marveled that despite the fact this group ranged from the Class of '55 to the Class of '96, we all had similar experiences.  We talk about Wabash being rooted in tradition and this evening served as further proof.  

We all left feeling good about the upcoming recruiting year and what we can do to help promote Wabash to talented young men in Minnesota.  We face some tough competition in this state, but we're up to the challenge.  

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