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Midnight Munch

Chip Timmons - One of my favorite events took place last night, Midnight Munch.  For those unfamiliar with the event, Midnight Munch is a late night study break where students dine on breakfast fare served by members of the Wabash faculty and staff.  

If you're a student, staying up late getting something to eat around midnight isn't a big deal. For the "servers", it's a little past our bedtime, but it's worth staying up late for the munch.

Luckily for my admissions colleagues and I, it's May 1 and we're not sleeping much anyway. Might as well have some fun rather than toss and turn wondering which students from our regions will choose to attend Wabash.

While I served up biscuits and gravy, Rudy Cope took care of the photography. Rudy took more photos last night than we usually take at a visit day, but hey, it's the end of the semester. We won't see most of these guys until August, so we have to get them while we can.

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