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September 28, 2009

NACAC Connections & How We Get Things Done in Tulsa

I just returned from the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) conference in Baltimore.  It's a wonderful opportunity for college admissions professional to network with high school counselors, outreach organizations, vendors, etc.  In addition to the information sessions, there's a college fair where all of the high school counselors get an opportunity to meet college admissions folks from around the world, literally.  36 countries were represented this year.

During this college fair, I always see familiar faces.  High school counselors from schools I regularly visit, and those who send students to Wabash stop by to get an update on their former students.  What stood out this year was the large number of people approaching the table with an introduction similar to this one "I've heard great things about your school.  The doctor who repaired my ACL is a grad."  I had three such conversations in about a 20 minute span and started keeping track.  By the end of the fair, I had met 8 counselors who had learned of Wabash through a family or professional connection and that now (I hope) are fans of Wabash College.  

Two such people really stood out in my mind.  A counselor from Warwick HS in Pennsylvania stopped by to say "I love Wabash.  My brother and my cousin both went there."  I asked for their names and she replied "John Russell and Dan Schubert".  I worked with both of them and after introducing myself she simply said "you're the guy who called our house all the time."  Affirmation.

The second was a counselor from Tulsa who just said "Mike Dill would be upset if i didn't stop and say Hi."  Mike's the guy who gets stuff done for us in Tulsa and he's really going above and beyond to help this year.  A regular college fair attendee, Mike volunteered to visit a few schools this year as well.  He worked a few years in Admissions after he graduated from the College, so I guess it's in his blood.  Here's a scanned image from the Tulsa World that Mike sent last week. 

It's almost October, but there's plenty of time to refer a high school senior to Wabash.  With our Fall Class Visit Days and Top Ten Scholarship Visit Day a few weeks away, students you refer will still have enough time to take advantage of these programs and the scholarships tied to them.  Learn more about both events at the Future Students homepage

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September 08, 2009

Travel Season!

Travel season is in full swing.  As I write, five of our counselors are on the road with two others starting later this week.

The first few weeks of the season include high school visits as well as some guidance counselor breakfasts held in different locations across Indiana including Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Merrillville, and South Bend.  We host these programs to update counselors on what's new at Wabash, introduce them to Wabash students, faculty, and alumni, and to re-connect with our colleagues on the high school side before we get too far into our travels.

Speaking of our travels...if you'd like to see where the admissions team is traveling this fall, you have two options.  Our master calendar will show you our high school visit schedule for the next 14 days or visit our staff profile page where you can view counselors' schedules for the upcoming two weeks.  If you don't see schools in your area listed and want to know if/when we're heading your way, drop me a line at timmonsc@wabash.edu and I'll find out for you.

As for myself, I'm heading out on Friday for the final Colleges That Change Lives tour of the year.  I'll attend two fairs on Saturday in the Twin Cities and two more in greater Chicago on Sunday. Monday, you will find me in St. Louis before our tour heads East to Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Columbus where some of my colleagues will take over.  It's been a record-setting year on the CTCL tour, so please encourage students you know in those areas to come out to the fairs.  A complete listing of locations and times can be found at www.ctcl.org.

I've gotten into a habit of frequently updating my Facebook status and/or Tweeting (@ChipTimmons) during my travels. Some people have even said it's entertaining to read.  At the very least, I'll provide a few restaurant/coffee reviews to help make you a more informed traveler.  If you're interested to see what life's like on the road for an admissions counselor, here's your chance.

Safe Travels!

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August 24, 2009

The Legacies of the Class of 2013

One grandfather and 8 fathers stopped by to have their pictures taken with family members joining the Class of 2013 this past Saturday. 

Photo Album

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August 12, 2009

Boys State Scholarship Program

Marc Welch - On Sunday, the Admissions Office and the National Association of Wabash Men hosted an on-campus Boys State Scholarship Reception. Ninety Boys State delegates and their families packed Ball Theater to listen to an alumni panel moderated by Jake German ’11 and Jake Ezell ’11. Focusing on how Wabash College prepared them for leadership roles in the areas of business, the military, and medicine, alumni panelists included Brian Flanigan ’96, Alex Miller ‘71, Cleo Washington ‘85, and Donald Shelbourne ‘72.
Jon Pactor ‘71 and Professor of Political Science Melissa Butler honored each delegate on stage. Delegates in attendance will receive a $7,500 Boys State scholarship ($30,000 over four years) if they enroll at Wabash. While most delegates were from Indiana, students from West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri, were in attendance as well. Delegate photos
In addition to our alumni panelists, we would like to thank those alumni in attendance: Pete Allen ’73, Seamus Boyce ’03, Aaron Cook ’06, Craig Green ’59, Chris Greisl ’07, Daryl Johnson ’82, Rob Johnson ’77, Seth Nunan ’07, Keith Veal ’92, and Evan Wagoner ’06. Ben Kessler ’74 attended as both an alumnus and parent for his son who was a Boys State delegate. 

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July 29, 2009

Colleges That Change Lives - 2009 West Coast Tour

I needed to take a break from packing for next week's trip and blogging seemed like a productive way to spend my time. On Friday, I'm off to Seattle for the Colleges That Change Lives West Coast tour.  This year, we will make repeat visits to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver along with a new destination, Albuquerque.  Click on the name of the city for date, time, and location of the event. 

For any high school students considering Wabash College, these events are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about all that Wabash has to offer. 

For Wabash alumni living in these areas, please spread the word to any students you think would be a good fit for Wabash. If the tour isn't coming to a city near you, there's still a way you can help.  If you know of any young men (nephews, cousins, grandchildren, friends of colleagues or classmates) that do live near these cities, encourage them to attend.  Any high school student will benefit from hearing the CTCL message and meeting with representatives from the member schools.  It's much more than your typical college fair. 

I'll represent the College at all 6 stops with Clint Gasaway joining me in California. I welcome any alumni volunteers interested in joining me at the table in the other cities.  Just email me at timmonsc@wabash.edu if you're interested.

One final note, CTCL.org is expanding its marketing efforts and harnessing the power of social media.  Facebook and Twitter (@CTCLColleges) pages have been created and I will be "tweeting" on behalf of CTCL during this tour.  I'll tweet on my own Twitter page (@ChipTimmons) as well, so if you want to see more of what goes on at these events, "follow me" next week. 


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June 03, 2009

Boys State Partnership

For the past five years, the Admissions Office has gone to great lengths to develop a partnership with Boys State programs across the country.  What once was drive to Terre Haute for the Hoosier Boys State college fair is now a sophisticated operation that highlights all of what we do best: face-to-face interaction, alumni involvement, and generous scholarship opportunities.

Over the next two weeks, Wabash College will be represented at Boys State college fairs in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.  Not every state holds a college fair.  In some cases, Wabash literature and scholarship information will be included in every delegates registration packet.  Students in Alabama, Alaska, California, Idaho, Kansas, Louisana, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Washington will get an introduction to Wabash in some way.

In all cases, we're promoting our Boys State Scholarship which is valued at $30,000 over four years.  Any Boys State delegate that attends our Boys State reception on August 9 will be eligible.  More details are available on our merit scholarship grid.

How can alumni volunteers help?  Help spread the word about this scholarship.  Local papers will announce delegates in the next few weeks and you might hear about the attendees at church, the office, or if you're a member of the American Legion, you'll be in the know.  After all, the young men selected as delegates are selected based upon scholarship, service, leadership.  They're going to be the best and brightest young men at their respective high schools and that's who we want/need to recruit.



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May 27, 2009

Volunteer Spotlight - Greg Estell '85

While on the road last week, a few folks responded to my posts in this blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  A comment from Greg Estell '85 caught my attention.  I mentioned that I was in Rochester, NY preparing for that evening's Colleges That Change Lives fair and Greg simply said, "Hey, my work takes me to Rochester and Buffalo.  If I can help when I'm in the area, let me know." 

On the surface, it's pretty simple statement, but I know how Greg generates referrals.  What I read was "When I travel to Rochester and Buffalo, I'll put in a plug for Wabash with any of my clients who have sons in high school.  I'll try to get contact info and send it your way."  

Greg lives in Fishers, IN and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Wabash Men.  He's a regular at our Indianapolis programs and represented the College at the Noblesville High School awards night earlier this month.

This past year, Greg referred 5 students from all over the country.  Regardless of where he travels,  he's always looking for talented young men to steer toward Wabash.  In most cases, the initial contact is made with the parents, but that's fine.  Today, parents play larger roles in the college search, so we have to recruit them as well. 

You don't have to have known the student or the parents for a long time.  If you know he's a good student, help us make the introduction.  The student (and his parents) will see that someone has taken notice and that will get their attention.

Earlier, I mentioned that Greg serves on the NAWM board.  In a few weeks, you will hear from Greg and his fellow board members.  With the board's help, we hope boost our referral totals for the Class of 2014, so watch your inbox.  If you have student or students in mind, you don't have to wait for the email.  Go to www.wabash.edu/alumni/student/refer and refer a student today.  Or, you could be like Greg and turn on your referral radar during your next business trip.  Either way, you're doing your part to spread the fame of her honored name.



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