Magic and the Classics Tomorrow

It’s less than twenty-four hours until the big Suovetaurilia tomorrow.  I hope everyone is getting their togas, and appetites, ready.  In the midst of all the excitement, I have one last blog to write about the schedule of events for tomorrow.  Since so many Classics classes this semester are focused on religion and magic in the ancient world, what better way to showcase this theme than with some actual ancient Greek and Roman magic?  Tomorrow, the Suovetaurilia planners will set up several stations including:

  1. Making your own dedication to the gods (with Play-Doh)
  2. Designing your own curse tablets
  3. Reading the sortes Vergilianae (an ancient method of divination in which the person reading the fortune picks a random passage from a work of the ancient Roman poet Vergil).

Tomorrow guests at the Suovetaurilia will be able to make their own curse tablets, like the ancient Greek one shown here.

Do you have a grudge against someone that you’d like the gods to handle?  Do you want to thank them for handling it? Do you want to learn what Vergil has to say about your fortunes?  Then come to the Suovetaurilia tomorrow.  Even if the gods don’t hear your prayers, the Classics Department and Eta Sigma Phi will make sure you’re well-fed.   

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