Delicious Food!

Wabash amici,

The Suovetaurilia is in exactly one week! As that day approaches, I thought it would be

The first Wabash Suovetaurilia will be held behind right field between the two baseball games (approximately 3:15pm) on Saturday, April 26.

appropriate to post the menu for the day on this blog.  The event is meant to be a Classically-themed feast after all.  Without further ado, here’s the food which Dr. Leslie Day’s “Food in the Ancient World” class will be preparing for our enthusiastic consumption.


Cooking meat (Dylan Mayer)

Duck (Wes Adams, Zach Sticher)



“Bread” (Francisco Huerta, Austin Jarrett, Austin Heise, Harrison Slater)

Roman barley maza cakes (Jordan Fenton, Jacob Scherb)

Emmer bread and barley bread (Josh Jones)

Barley cake maza with cheese (Bradley Wise, Matt Schramm, Arturo Granados, Jake




Porridge (Andrew Tutsie, L.V. Bowden)

Spartan barley porridge (Matt Gibson, Michael Putko, J.T. Henning)



Roasted leeks and apples (Clay Lengerich, Chris Beardsley, Gabe Di Feccio)

Ancient bean soup (Mitch Singleton, Pat Singleton, Reid Smith, Tyler McCullen)

Honeyed mushrooms (Luke Walker)



Pasteli (honey and sesame sweet) (Nathan Bryant, Austin Myers, Jonathan Anleitner)

Pancakes with honey and sesame seeds (Bauer Schmeltz, Levi Kinney)



Greek pizza  (Dan Miller)

Olives (John Vosel, Patrick Kroll, Hayden Williams)

Cheese (Daniel Purvlicis, Ryan Gross, Adam Antalis, Sean McGrath, Luke Holm)



Mead (Chris Rai, Drew Songer, Wade Miller, Andrew Wilson)

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