More Exciting News on the Suovetaurilia

Professor Wickkiser’s class will be symbolically performing a sacrifice as described in the pages of Homer.

As promised, I have more information on the program for the Suovetaurilia which will occur in just over a week.  Professor Wickkiser’s Ancient Greek Religion and Magic class will begin the festivities with a reading, in English, from Book 1 of Homer’s Iliad.  This particular passage actually describes, in great detail, the process of an ancient Greek sacrifice.  It should be fun to hear some of the words of the oldest work of Western literature and see them symbolically re-enacted.  Additionally, I’m especially excited about this portion of the program because I will be playing the part of the priest from the Iliad. Following this reading, several students will then conduct a burning of the bones and fat from the animals, just as the ancients would have done.  What better way could there be to learn about the ancient world than to see its oldest and most fundamental rituals performed?  Don’t forget that this event is open to everybody.  Come join the fun and join me in getting into the spirit of the ancient world!


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