Classics Alumnus Reviving Nemean Games


Dr. Stephen Miller, class of 1964, a renowned archaeologist and Wabash Classics major, has made waves in the Classics world with his discovery of the ancient site Nemea and, now, his push to revive the ancient Nemean games.  In 2012, then-President Pat White said of Miller that, “Scholars cite your discoveries at Nemea — including a stadium and its tunnel, bathhouse, hotel, and 2,300-year-old starting blocks — as the most significant Greek archeological finds of the last half-century…In 1994, you dedicated Nemea’s stadium as an archeological site, and two years later, working with local officials, you helped stage the first modern Nemean Games, which were modeled after events that transpired more than 2,000 years earlier. You have continued to stage quadrennial games at Nemea ever since, and in 2011 you became President of the Society for the Revival of the Nemean Games.”

“Stephen G. Miller, you were drawn to the ancient world during your undergraduate days here at Wabash College, and you have applied the breadth of your liberal arts education in every aspect of your career. You once said, ‘My entrepreneurial spirit came, in part, from my experience at Wabash… because Wabash gave me the opportunity and tools to engage my life’s work.’

Check out this video about Dr. Miller’s work on the Nemean Games.

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